Turned in a job application today. Did I do something wrong?

So today I went to turn in my job application at this organic market than I'm applying to. When I went there one of the coworkers went to go get the manager so I could meet and give the application to him.

I said hello, had a firm hand shake and he asked me a couple questions. My eyes wandered a couple of times for a second as I had to think about what to say, but after that I made eye contact with him again and kept it. Would something as little as that be a problem or bad first impression? Also, after we talked I said it was nice meeting you and we shook hands again, but I put my hand in the wrong position so that I was almost grabbing his thumb with my entire hand. He looked a little awkward as this happened and then I smiled and walked out the door. Could this also be a problem? I feel like I'm being a little paranoid but I'm not sure.

I'm also 16 years old and in high school so this would be my first real job. Any tips or advice would be great.

I forgot to mention that when he asked me "how much were you looking for" I first thought he meant what type of job so I told him whatever he had available. He looked at me awkwardly without saying anything and I proceeded to ask him, "Oh, did you mean money?" and he said no, he meant how many hours. I felt a little anxious after saying this. Could this be a problem as well? Sorry for the long post.

1 Answer

  • 7 years ago

    Don't be paranoid, he knows you are 16. He probably thought it was enduring. Don't sweat it. If this doesn't work, but don't have any reason to believe it won't, there will be others. You will be better prepared for the next one. Good Luck!!

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