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How do I get over him?

I recently split up with my ex boyfriend. I do still have the strongest feelings for him. I'm having a hard time moving on. I want to keep myself occupied so I don't have to think about and I don't have many friends so i'm always alone. Do you have any ideas?

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    No, do not start a rebound relationship. You're not ready for that. You're only going to cover up your feelings for a little while with a new relationship, but they're going to come back when you least expect it, and you'll be a mess again. I suggest you exercise if you don't have many friends around you. It'll make you feel better about yourself. You can pick up a hobby.. if you like drawing, then draw! Try not to be alone, at least surround yourself with family. You're only going to wallow in your feelings if you're alone. Go take a walk outside, anything! Read a good book to get your mind off him for at least a little.

    I was dumped a little over a month ago, and I'm not going to lie it still hurts when I think of him. BUT all I can tell you is that it does get a little bit better everyday. Just remember that this too shall pass and you'll be back to your normal self. It will take awhile, but you'll get there. So please don't get into another relationship until your feelings for him have subsided. It's not fair to the other guy that you would be leading on, and it's not fair to you. Everything will be okay one day, you'll see :) It won't hurt as much. Pain & heartbreak are only temporary.

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    I would suggest you to come in relationship with someone else. Give him all your time so that your new relation could be more stronger and trust me you will start to love your new relation.

    The best way to forget one relation is to accept another relation.

    Wishing best for you..

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