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What to expect in therapy for cutting? Not my idea to go.?

My mom recently found out that I'm cutting. I am 13. She made me see the doctor and both of them agreed I had to see a therapist.

First im not sure what to expect. What will try say and or ask on the first time?

Secondly, I don't want to go. My main choice is to sit back and ignore them. Is this a good idea?

Thirdly, does anyone have any strategies to help me stop cutting?

Lastly, any tips in general?


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    I just got through the situation thats youre in :) and i went to see the therapist before the doctor, she just asked me simple questions, most were easy to answer, just be nice and a bit welcoming despite the fact that you dont want to be, otherwise you might ewnd up in a hospital for a while. Just answer its not that bad and it feels kinda good.....Now the strategies, first throw all razorblades away, and any pencil sharpener you may have. then when you feel like you need to cut, cry it out! i used to hate crying/ saw it as a weakness but it helps get out the anxiety ALOT more than you think. Another major tool for me was a journal, not a diary necessarily, but something to let yor feelings out, you cn draw in it or write in it like its a freind, its a stress reliever and you can talk about things in it that you dont wanna share with your typical vent person. NOW if you really need someone to talk to you can contact me through facebook (just tell me who you are first) and i can give advice or be someone to vent to, and i cant tell anyone you know about it :) hope i helped (facebook name: Tanisha Matkin)

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    Hi hun.

    What to expect: Well, they'll ask you about it, how long, how much etc. and determine how much of a danger you are to yourself. Most of it is actually just talking through what might be motivating you to self-harm and finding ways to stop. Thinking more positively is a biggie.

    Good idea to ignore them? No, if you truly want to get better and stop S.I., then its best to really listen to them and focus your energy on the exercises they suggest.

    Strategies? I like to use rubber bands on my wrist, is I want to, I just snap them instead. Other people use paint to make lines on their skin, you could do the butterfly project (google it), or maybe hold ice over your skin instead. Other things like walking, exercising, reading etc. also are helpful. Whatever helps to calm you down and let you unwind.

    Good luck, and I know it may seem like self-harm helps, but in the end, its better to have other ways to address problems <3

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    1. Expect a lot of questions, obviously. They will ask you why and when you started, "triggers," everything.

    2. These questions are to help you though. Don't ignore them, it'll only piss them off. Answer truthfully and it'll be quicker.

    3. I haven't been able to stop myself, so I'm sorry I can't answer this question hun :/

    4. Tips: if you haven't gotten bad yet, STOP. Because it WILL get worse. No question about it..

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    They will say that if you continue cutting, then your parent/legal guardian to the ER an then you will be submitted into a behavioral Heath facility. And if you don't, the therapist will work with you about the problems, why you're cutting

    Source(s): 13 year old used to be a cutter& hospitalized twice.
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