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My niece was born 2 months early?

So she was born 2 months early and she's 1 years old. So she 1 and 8 months old and she still can't walk. So when do premature baby's start to walk???

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    It really depends on the baby.

  • Lisa
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    With babies born more than a few weeks early its best to reference developmental milestones by their original due date of birth, not when they were born...

    So if she was born 6/23 but was due 8/23 then for walking and such you reference the 8/23... So if she's 1 year by her birthday she's only 10 months by her due date... Most babies walk shortly before or after their 1st birthday if they aren't premature... But it's not a big deal if some wait much longer like 18 months...

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    For milestones, you go by the premature baby's due date... If kids that were born around her due date arent walking yet, then its nothing to worry about. Some babies walk later than others. There is a pretty wide time frame that is considered normal.

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