Wanna play minecraft?

it's boring without anyone to play with. plus i need help with my house. the server is

it's survival mode so it's kinda fun


how do i message you

Update 2:

It says "cannot connect to server," but I typed it correctly.

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  • 7 years ago
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    hey bro, im sure thats a lan server your trying to use, than means only people in your wifi can connect with ya, but if you need a friend to play minecraft with im willing to let you on my server, its new so not alot of people are on it (only me...cricketcricket) so message me if you want the ip for multiplayer bro :o)

    go to multiplayer, add server, name :CollabzWorld, then for ip put : then you should be able to connect to my server :o)

    aw man il try and fix it, it might just be a stubbern connection, kept happening earlier :o( i tried reloading

    i think i forgot to add :25565 at the end of the ip *facepalm* sorry x_x i think that might be the issue

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