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Poll: Funny reason????????

Whats a funny reason for someone to take court ordered anger management classes?

I'm writing a story about this girl who owns a bar and is being forced to take anger management classes but I need a good reason.


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    7 years ago

    It should be from an assault charge due to something that was actually an accident.

    Like maybe something heavy fell on someone, and it looked like she threw it or something. Someone she was known to dislike, like an ex who stalked her in a really inept but annoying fashion.

    And the ex could swear it was an accident as well, because he believes she still loves and she's just playing hard to get. For revenge for whatever he did that earned him the title of ex. Insisting she still loves him sets her off on a rant. Maybe when he bails her out of jail, in the presence of the authorities, and they take that as confirmation that she needs anger management.

    And when the ex insists that it was an accident, they take the approach that he's messed up because she abuses him (not true) and all that about how victims protect their abusers, he's too afraid of her to pursue charges and that sort of thing.

    Good luck.

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    For hitting every customer with a beer bottle for asking for whiskey, then tee-bagging the unconcious body.

  • 7 years ago

    Because she threatened the guy that grabbed her boob by throwing her high heel shoe at him and it hit his face and left a mark.

    Source(s): Forced to take Anger Management for a similiar, no exact reason.
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