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My dog whines when someone leaves the house! Even if there is someone still home! Please help!?

My dog Pippa whines and whines and whines whenever someone leaves the house, even if I am still home sitting right next to her!

About Pippa: We got Pippa from a terrible vet a few months ago and she was in a bad way; she was very timid, very very thin, had an ear infection, fleas and a cyst on her bottom.

She always slept outside and wasn't socialised very well. These past few months she has gained our trust and put on weight and we have cured her fleas and cyst, (the ear infection is slowly going away too).

What I have found though is that she whines quite a lot. Whenever she is out side she whines and just wants to come back in (typical of a dog, I know). She also whines waiting for her dinner and just sitting on the couch (I think it's like purring for her; my other dog does the same thing). But what I don't under stand is why she whines when one of us leaves the house.

Even if I am sitting right next to Pippa and my mum leaves the house she will start whining and carrying on. I try to reassure her that "I'm still here, you're not alone"' but she just keeps whining!!

She cries and cries if both of us have gone but I just don't know why she whines when someone is still home?

I don't like seeing her so sad all the time, so please help me figure out what to do.

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    She probably has separation anxiety from the person that leaves, or both of you. When you leave and come back don't give her a lot of attention because then you're encouraging her to whine and bark. Just right when you come home don't make it a big deal.

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    Never give any attention to your dog when he whines, cries , or barks. As soon as he has quieted down then give attention to his needs. Never let him think that being vocal gets him what he wants or you are going to get a lifetime of this. Dogs are like children - they do what works for them. I would research separation anxiety and see what tips they give .

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