How was the movie Glory, different from the 54th regiment?

What were the historical inaccuracies in the movie?

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    Robert Gould Shaw, was not Governor Andrew’s first choice to command the regiment. When the command was offered him, he hesitated before deciding to accept. More seriously from the standpoint of historical accuracy, the 54th, portrayed in the movie as made up largely of runaway slaves was in fact, a regiment of freedmen, recruited not only from Massachusetts but New York and Pennsylvania as well. Two of Frederick Douglass’s sons were among the first to volunteer for the 54th and Lewis Douglass, the elder son, served from the outset as the regiment’s sergeant

    Of the major characters in the movie's version of the regiment, only Robert Gould Shaw was a real person. The rest are composite characters. The name of Shaw's executive officer (Cabot Forbes) is a combination of the first name from one of the real Shaw's friends and the last name of another.

    In the movie, it is claimed that "over half" of the regiment was lost during the assault on Fort Wagner. However, official records state that the 54th sustained 272 casualties, which is closer to 40%. Of these casualties, only 116 were fatalities, just under one fifth of the men to storm the fort. If you include the 156 soldiers that were captured, it would bring the total to "over half".

    The real second in command was Lt. Colonel Edwin Hallowell. The fictional Major Cabot Forbes, played by Cary Elwes, is based on him. Although he was seriously wounded, Hallowell did survive the attack on the fort and led the regiment until it disbanded in 1865. He retired with the rank of Brigadier General.

    They show a flag that has printed stars (they were all sewn on); they list the serial numbers on the rifles (that model musket did not have serial numbers)

    In the film, Shaw asks who will carry the colors if they should fall during the assault on Fort Wagner. In reality, it was General Strong who asked this question, and Shaw was the one who volunteered to carry them

    The film depicts the 54th Masachusetts Infantry Regiment training through the Christmas holidays of 1862 (after the September 1862 Battle of Antietam), but the real 54th Massachusetts did not organize until March 1863, just four months before attacking Fort Wagner in the climactic scene

    * During camp scene after a battle a union band is playing "The Bonnie Blue Flag" - a Confederate Song.

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    54th Regiment Movie

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    i'm going to purpose to short...this is an extremely good action picture and in case you have the prospect to hire/purchase it gain this. It stars Matthew Broderick, Denzel Washington (he gained an Oscar for superb helping actor for this action picture), Carey Elews (spelled that very incorrect) and Morgan Freeman. this is bearing directly to the 1st black regimine authorized to combat interior the Civil war. Matthew's character is the squadern chief over a team of former slaves. he's taking his interest heavily and teaches them proper scuffling with concepts. while they are denied equivalent pay (blacks back then weren't seen an entire man or woman and hence no longer entitled to the comparable advantages or pay as white infantrymen), he refused to settle for his pay alongside with the black infantrymen. He additionally makes beneficial they get the right scuffling with kit. They go into one conflict that everybody thinks they'll lose because of fact they are black and not experienced...yet they win!! Matthew is provided a command over a white regimine yet he declines and continues to be. He then lobbys for them to take on the risky challenge of being the 1st team of combatants in a challenge to overhaul a fort in North Carolina. long tale short....all of them die interior the attempt yet fought bravely. i'm leaving out quite some the private memories that dealt with lots of the guy former slaves. Denzel's character makes a metamorphosis of being a reluctant soldier to a prepared participant (for loss of a extra powerful word). Matthew's chum and previous butler (additionally a black dude) is going from being comfortable to a committed soldier. It additionally prepare how the tension Matthew grow to be below as nicely has his courting together with his early existence chum (performed by Carey E). i myself did no longer do the action picture justice. you ought to work out it to delight in it. this is a outstanding action picture. i've got seen it a number of cases. desire this helps.

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