Will I be able to hook up 3 monitors to a single graphics card with this?

Hello, I just received my third 22 inch monitor in the mail. I already have 2 monitors connected through the 2 DVI ports on my graphics card. There are 2 open mini displayport ports and an open HDMI port. I tried connecting my third monitor through HDMI and it wouldn't let me display my three monitors at the same time. It was only allowing 2 at once. So I contacted my computer company. "ibuypower" They suggested that I use a displayport adapter to HDMI active converter, then it should work. So I just order this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N8...

Should this work for me?

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  • Proto
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    8 years ago
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    It will work if your graphics card is a model that support triple displays, like AMD's "Flex" cards.

    Cards which have the Displayport interface can usually drive 3 monitors, the restriction is that one of the monitors must be connected via displayport.

    So if your monitor doesn't have a displayport connector, the active converter would work to utilize DVI or HDMI on the monitor side.

  • Hamish
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    8 years ago


    Graphics cards dont allow you to run the 2 DVI with the HDMI.

  • luby
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    4 years ago

    are you able to? specific, definitely. might you sport on it? according to risk, you will no longer get sufficient overall performance out of that card to play severe-load video games on 3 HD laptop screen contraptions, yet you may with maximum video games.

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