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Tips for my dance improv (includes video of me)?

I just turned 15 (freshman) and I have been dancing since age 9. I started competition dance 4 years ago. I have never been extremely confident in my dancing, and especially not my improv because imporov is new to me since I just switched studios this year and my old studio never did improv. The floor was hard to turn on and there wasn't much room, but can you tell me if I look awkward or if you have any tips/advice/opinions? Thanks!


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    So I watched your dance, and I think it was pretty good, there are a few things that I did catch though:

    -you did a lot of small movements, try to make them bigger. Ex: instead of just rolling your head, totally get your shoulders in and make it dramatic

    -you did a lot of body rolls, dance doesn't have to be just one movement, I understand if you like doing them and do them a lot in one dance. (One time I choreographed a dance and I had turn, after turn, after turn).

    - Speaking of turns! I think that you should do more turns, but that's just me and I like to turn!

    -Try to hit bigger movements on louder notes, it gives more emphasis.

    -Do something with your arms! I felt like you didn't use enough arms

    -Last, I know you had a small space, but you should try to incorporate some jumps. It doesn't have to be big, it could be like a C jump or something. Just because you have limited space doesn't mean you can do big things.

    I hope this helps you and good luck with competition. Keep up the good work!

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    Your technique is really good :)

    Try to move around more, make sure to really use the space even if it is small

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