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how can i make a real friend?

Nobody likes me but I'm not sure why how do I get a REAL friend

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    Get to know people, meet them, hang out with them. If your one of those people who stay in their little bubbles, get out! If you feel like someone will lead you to negative things, don't get too attached to them, they might affect you, but to be a friend you have to be yourself. Never act like someone you're not. The friends who accept you will accept you for who you are. And remember never be a follower, be a leader. Don't be the one who follows around all these girls/boys be the friend who stays by their side. I hope this helps. :)

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    It's taken me forever to find someone that I find a true friend. I have a hard time getting close with people, although I'm an incredibly social person. I'd suggest just talking to people to see who you can connect with. You can always find things that you have in common with people, ask to hang out, then just talk. It takes time to make a real friend, but it's definitely worth it in the end.

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