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Could my Husband and I get custody of my little sister ?

I am a married minor and my husband is an adult !! My little half sister (same mom) her Dad died today and my mom is not really fit to have her !! And she really has no where else to go and I really wish we could adopt her !! Is there any way possible for this to happen ??

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    Just because you are married doesn't make you "mother" potential for this child. You are yourself a minor, it is unlikely that at your age you could get her. However, depending on the laws in your state, you could try. If you were older and it was not contested by her natural mother, then I would think it would not be a problem. It's sad for her that she lost her father and her mother isn't fit to raise her.

    It is your responsibility as a big sister ( I would think) to help get her placed in a sound and happy home if you are unable to get her. That is a priority. Good luck.

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    If your mom don't have a problem then no it wouldn't be a big deal just get a lawyer to write up adoption papers and have mom sign. But if mom don't like the idea and you stir up $hit then the state could take her and put her in a foster home if mom isn't fit

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    It is possible that your mom could appoint your husband as her daughter's legal guardian. That would be *much* easier than trying to have a formal adoption.

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    i might say get an Adoption/kin regulation criminal expert. they might answer your questions thoroughly and furnish help to're making the call whether to undertake or obtain custodial rights to the infants. As for (aloha.lady) extra effective than possibly if her sister is looking her to undertake she is giving them up for adoption the two way. i might say the the terrific human beings to allow your infants to pass to is somebody you recognize without shadow of a doubt is going to consistently guard them as their very very own i.e. a relied on kin member. That doesnt make (Amelia) a undesirable guy or woman. If her sister needed help she might in simple terms ask for help .... she doesnt choose the infants. yet.... consistent with hazard she ought to pass get an abortion good? or provide the infants to a stranger? No, i think of theyre the two doing the terrific suited component. a minimum of shop the infants alive and with their kin.

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    Yes you can adopt her by considering both of you as a daughter.

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