My friend was taken away from her mom?

It's kind of a long story. Her mom left her dad because he was hitting them. He makes pretty good money and her family doesn't. He claims poverty and so the court took away her mom's child support. So the problem starts with her mom missing a court date that she didn't know she had. She didn't get the letter saying that she had to go. Her dad showed up at her house with a letter saying that she and her younger sister had to go with him or go to juvey. He keeps them in the basement with the windows boarded, the two girls have to share one bed, and they aren't allowed to go outside and talk to people. The two girls do go to school however they aren't allowed to talk to anyone. Her dad is afraid that they will tell people what is going on in their house. My friend has medication prescribed to her and her dad doesn't give it to her. Her dad and step-mom openly talk about how my friends mom is going to go to jail and how the girls will never see her again. They aren't allowed to go online but my friend sneaks it on her phone that her dad doesn't know she has. My friend wrote a letter to the judge about everything that is going on and what he is doing to them. Her mom can't afford a lawyer because of the lack of child support and being laid off from work for almost having a mental break down. My friend wants someone to help her. Anyone. Is there anything that she, her mom, or even I can do to help her? Does anyone know of anyway that she can be helped and back to her own house?


The phone that she has was shut off. She is keeping it a secret. The school knows already. A ton of parents know and the police know. She isn't allowed to talk to her mom or any of her family. All she wants is to be home with her mom.

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  • 7 years ago

    Yes. You or she can go to your school counselor and report what is happening. Your friend can mail the letter to the judge or to the police. Your friend can use the phone her dad doesn't know about (where did she get that, btw?) to call the police or CPS.

    Tell your parents. Tell a teacher. Tell any adult that has ever met her or her father.

  • 7 years ago

    I suggest telling the police what's going on.

  • 7 years ago

    Police or CPA (child protective services) may be notified, though these routes are quite serious to undertake.

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