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Teexhing yourself to understand japanese?

I want to be able to understand oral japanese, which book would be the best to tesch myself?

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    As far as listening and speaking, the answerer from the first answer stands correct. Genki is a great series. When I was in Tokyo studying Japanese, that was the book that we used.it it geared more towards speaking than writing. However, the only flaw that genki has is the kanji section. They don't even teach 400, so you gotta purchase kanji supplemental guides.

    And an important factor to learn Japanese is mastering hiragana and katakana. Go on google and type in kana charts. Good luck.


    Source(s): 東京で勉強しました。 Studied in Tokyo
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    I suggest taking a class, since Japanese uses a grammatical system that is not like a Germanic or Romance one you are most likely familiar with.

    In any case, I used the Genki series, which I think taught me a lot and established a great base.

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