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Panasonic blu ray dvd player question?

I bought a blu ray player by Panasonic about six or seven months ago. It's always worked fine for me, it's been hooked up to my bedroom TV which doesn't have anything else connected to it besides the dvd player (I don't have cable in my room)

So I just moved and have the exact same tv with the same set up and cords (still no cable) and tried to watch a DVD but the player is saying the disk is incompatible! This is a DVD I have watched before on this player... I tried four more discs, some blu ray and some not and got the same error. What the heck is going on here? I tried restarting, unplugging, and keep getting that dang error! My music still works through it, and I know it didn't get damaged in the move because it was in the back seat of my car the whole time with no other boxes or anything. So why can't I watch a movie?!

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    Does your player have a LAN connection. If so check with panasonic website for a firmware upgrade. If nothing happen's it's a hardware problem.

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    The change is that a DVD player most effective performs DVDs and CDs. A Blu-Ray player will play BluRay discs, DVDs, and CDs. Additionally, BluRay gamers tend to be a bit extra costly than DVD players. That's quite often it quite. The outside dimensions are beautiful identical, and with some producers, you quite can't inform the change between their BD and DVD players externally with out watching for the trademarks or turning them on. If I needed to select between them, i might go with DVD. The explanations are: 1. The display size on a transportable participant is small. You are simply no longer going to see the difference in picture satisfactory on that monitor. 2. Blu-Ray copy protection requires frequent updating of the firmware to keep compatibility with more recent titles. It is a bit of a affliction, when you consider that a portable player isn't most likely related to the internet, you lose the on-the-fly updating for the incompatible titles. Some manufacturers don't even provide updates, so at some factor, you can run into BD movies that just will not play on your participant -- this is extra of a complaint about how studios control BluRay frequently, as it is a concern even on residence avid gamers. Three. Apart from the better resolution (which you possible is not going to observe on the tiny reveal), the huge care for BluRay are the extra elements. Due to the bigger space for storing, BD movies are likely to have extra large extras. Nonetheless, again, seeing that you is not going to seemingly be linked, you could possibly lose entry to some of them -- primarily the web content that requires net access. Sincerely, the entire neato facets that you'd buy BluRay for are both inaccessible, or rendered pointless considering of the obstacles of the moveable avid gamers, which makes it difficult to justify the cost top class.

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    There's obviously something wrong with the blu-ray player. Whether it had anything to do with you moving it or not is hard to say, but moving it shouldn't cause a problem like that - except *maybe* if it got its brains scrambled by having the power unplugged and replugged.

    All I can suggest is to reset the player; the instructions are in this video:

    Youtube thumbnail

    If that doesn't fix it, then you need to try to get it repaired or replaced. If it's still in warranty it should be free to do that.

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