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How to get a girl and know she likes you?

Fill me in.

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    Make her laugh, be funny and sarcastic. Tease her, but nothing mean. If she laughs at all your jokes, then you got her.

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    if you can make her laugh, you will be able to get her. She may friendzone you though because she may be scared to be in a relationship/ might not find you attractive (sorry this is the sad truth :( ), BUT if you become close enough friends with a girl, even if she does 'friendzone' you, she WILL still have feelings for you. It's impossible to avoid. It's the mere exposure effect. If you can get her to have feelings for you, and you care about her deeply, and let her figure out things on her own, you have a chance at getting her. That being said, girls are stupid. I'm a girl, and I had a guy best friend...who was in love with me. I knew that, but I was very stupid and friendzoned him even though I was in love with him also (i was just was complicated) anyway, he had to move on, and in order to do that he cut off all communication with me (which i can understand) but he is still in love with me, and it is a very sad situation. ANYWAY. I doubt this will happen to you, and I wish you the best of luck getting your girl :)

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    Constantly flirt

    Always "be there" for her

    Kiss her hand

    Be nice and kind, mean boys are a major turn off

    Get her attention by something, not sure what...

    And when u see she's going along with it and is happy, then ask her out

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    Girls look for respect. If you show that you care for her, then she will probably start to like you. make her laugh too that will alwayssss gets us! If she likes you then you may catch her staring at you a lot or even smiling a lot when talking to you.

    (At least this is what its like at my school) Hope it helps!

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    Be honest with your feelings, a lot of people play mind games, which won't work later. Be kind, show her you care. Take interest in her life, show it. Do things to show her you care, write notes, or cards and say what you are doing and thinking. Have fun

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    Start flirting with her! Smile, make eye contact, and talk to her! (Can you answer my most recent question please?)

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