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Can I use my expired NY license and birth certificate to get into a night club?

I moved to South Carolina last year and in that time i was there my NY license expired. However, I have moved back from South Carolina and I lost my South Carolina ID while moving. A bunch of my friends want to go to the club to celebrate me being back, but I only have my year old license and a birth certificate.

Do you think that will be enough? I mean my license says I am of age to get in and to buy drinks (although it was issued when I was under 21,) so do you think as long as I have my birth certificate to back it up itll work?

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    It'll be a little awkward bringing a copy of your birth certificate to a club with you. But it's worth a shot. In fact, I would contact the club beforehand just to be sure.

    And not to answer a question with a question, but how on Earth did you lose an ID while in transit? That's something that should be carried with you in a wallet or pocketbook at all times. And I'm sure you'd much rather carry an ID everywhere you go than a birth certificate, am I right?

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