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when you have your period can you go in the water?

do they have pads or somethin' you can wear in the water? i have a swimming test that i have to do in order to go to camp and im scared that it will come arrive then! i personally think its really gross to go in the water with your period but i really have to take the swimming test ! what do i do???

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    Of course you can go in the water on your period!

    You need to use something internal;

    - Tampons.

    - Soft tampons.

    - Sponges.

    - Diaphragms.

    - Softcups.

    - Menstrual cups.

    Obviously menstrual cups are a lot safer and more hygienic than tampons, so no health risks and can be worn for 12 hours with any flow or even before your period (you can't do this with tampons). Menstrual cups are also best for swimming as they don't increase cramps as tampons can, nothing shows outside of your body, they don't absorb water, and don't leak like other options.

    You can't wear a pad because the blood wouldn't flow out of your body and down onto the pad while in the water so it would just bypass the pad all together, the pad would become saturated by the pool water so unable to absorb your flow, they'd look bulky in your swimsuit and be noticed, also if you use commercial or organic pads they'd come unstuck and may fall apart in the water too.

    Why would it be gross to go in the water with your period?

    There is absolutely nothing gross about your period, it is little different from the vaginal discharge you get at any other point in your menstrual cycle or from any other blood - you have no problem swimming any other time of your menstrual cycle do you? This is why they clean the pool and the only difference is we use internal sanitary products to swim while on our periods is because it's not pleasant for others to be aware that they're swimming through your bodily fluids.

  • 7 years ago

    Tampons only there are no pads because those would be noticeable, but tampons were made so that women could swim in water even when they had their period. You can get them anywhere and they are quite comfortable when you get used to it.

  • 7 years ago

    Actually yes you can. Just wear a pad with ur bathing suit bottom. The blood won't be able to flow from under water due to some type of pressure thingy. I tried before its safe

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