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PLEASE READ!!!!! Does he like me?!?!?!?

I used to loved this boy until I heard from my friend hes a jerk, head over heels in love with his gf, and Hits on everyone he here's that think hes cute. Now everything like simple signs seems like bs that he might uve liked me. I started liking/loving this other boy a few days before that and hes super cute, strong, funny and we r in the same class and supplementary gym. <3 We became friends in 6th grade when I went up to him and did the whole "wumbo " thing and now we call, each other wumbo. He cut his loong hair now he is my life like omg hes so cute.I had a project on a song,and I presented it. On of his positive comments was "song was PERRRFEECTTT" During the song he bobbled his head lol. I'm getting carried away oops sorry. Ok so he called my name in lunch and said "Your still my wumbo" and we weren't even talking about it or anything. Do you think he likes me? Do I even have a slight chance with him? Another thing: Hes friends with "Popular" girls or "well known" but I shouldn't say anything cause they MIGHT be nice. On hes fb it shows a pic of him kissing one of them on the cheek saying "I don't like her like that but I do thus when I'm best friends with someone. Ommgggg. My friend said he was crush worthy and we made a cute couple awes :) In gym when we get a chance to go in the weight room, he always goes. Hes suuuper cuute he likes 1D, Taylor swift, supper funny and random and talks to about and nice to anyone. In class I accidentally looked at him, he was alraidy looking right near me ir at me and quickly looked away. Add my facebook account Evelyn Ste ie. Please. Profile picture is a field with a car. Help me!!!

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    It doesn't hurt to ask him out, or hint that you like him. You have nothing to lose, and all the clues lead to one simple answer to your question. Yes, he likes you, what guy would say "youre still my wumbo" to a girl he doesnt like? He likes you, go for it before it's too late! You and he are in the "Prime Time", meaning that you guys like each other and are not going out with anybody. Do it!!! You lose nothing and gain everything.

    Source(s): I have lived for 17 years, am well read, am a well-liked guy, just do it!!!
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