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Does this guy like me?

We have band together and I sit across from him. Sometimes out of the corner of my eye, I can see him staring at me. But I sit by his friends so I don't know if he's staring at me or them. But then, when I go to put my instrument away in the locker room, he waits until I go in. He doesn't go in until I do and he follows me. Then today, he brushed his shoulder against mine. And he always plays his instrument when he's behind me. Is he trying to show off? But the thing is, he never talks to me. He'll stare at me, but never say a thing.

Another example of him staring at me was at a concert last night. I had to go to my brother's band concert and he was there because the High School wind ensemble was playing with the eight graders. When he walked in, he saw me and stared at me even though his friend was talking to him.

Wow, sorry that was really long. Do you think he likes me? Or am I just being silly? Thanks!! :)

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    First off AWESOME THAT YOU'RE A BAND NERD!!! Secondly he might want to impress you with music. Since music speaks in its own way. Listen to the kind of music he plays. Maybe he's just shy and social deprived.

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    Hi Megan the guy likes you, he's attracted to you(stares), he is showing off so he can impress you.

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