When can I get ny upgrade for my phone?

I got my galaxy nexus on my birthday last year (September 13th) and its still in perfect condition but I kind of want an iPhone, so when will I be able to get a new phone without paying so much money for it.

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    7 years ago
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    If you have a contract you cant break the contracts are 2 years.Since you got your phone in 2012 you have to wait until september 2014 in order to upgrade your phone to any knew one.Also u may have the phone for a year and get another phone half off but i dont know if they have that with other plans all i know is that they have is with tmobile but check with your mobile carrer too see when you are due for ab upgrade or see when you may change you phone

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    7 years ago

    22 months is typical of most US carriers.

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