What is up with this new guy accusing michael Jackson of abuse?

This guy clearly wants money. He already said in defense of Michael and under oath that Michael never touched him sexually. Even though he is semi established i think he just got broke and wants some easy money. Even if that means further trying to tarnish Michael's reputation.

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  • 7 years ago
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    I don't think anybody is taking him seriously. :)) Its definitely not causing an uproar or something. People are like "What? Another allegation? And the guy had defended him? Ahhh he wants money." Lol. -_- MJ is not here with us and frankly nobody is gonna take him seriously THIS time like they did when he was alive. :))

    And as for the other user, everybody is quite sure he is wasting time. O.o He gives reason as Repressed memory. Haha well nobody is buying that because it sounds so ridiculous. How does he remember everything that MJ taught him, becomes a choreographer and then he suddenly remembers he was molested? O_o I mean, seriously? -_- And repressed memory doesn't work that way. Its a period of time when your brain becomes dead. I had seen a movie on it. xD

    The corroborating witness is the funniest which is the maid! :)) What was the maid doing in the first place trying to peak into MJ's shower if thats what she claims? :)) Is that what Neverland maids do? Try to get a sneak peak of MJ while he showers? xD These people can't even lie properly. -_- Don't give it much importance, its a waste of time. -_-

    It was found that all these employees who had stories like these all had credibility issues. They sold MJ's things to the tabloids for money. They were even paid to lie by the tabloids. -_- Well, nobody is gonna believe them now when they have a clear history of credibility issues and lies. -_-

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  • Leslie
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    7 years ago

    I know, I was infuriated when I heard about this!! Michael Jackson was a good man, why the hell can't people leave him alone?!

    Wade was suppose to be a FRIEND to Michael, and he turns around and pulls this bullshit. Like you said, he defended Michael, under oath, and said he didn't do anything. He defended him when he was alive, and after his death he still praised him. I never heard him say anything negative. Until now. And it's really weird timing too. Katherine and AEG are going at it, and AEG wanted to bring up the molestation charges, but Katherine didn't want that being brought up because it's IRRELEVENT, and he was innocent. And now Wade comes out saying he did stuff. I personally think AEG is invoked in Wade saying this. That, and the greedy bastard wants money himself.

    People are so horrible and disgusting.

  • 7 years ago

    He just wants money. Understand that he was Michael's "friend." It's shocking. I wish Michael had watched his back more closesly because he hadn't gotten all of the leeches off completely.

    You can tell this is fake as everything. Here's why:

    -Michael has been gone for 4 years. Why would he say it 4 years afterwards and especially after Michael has died.

    -Why did it take him so long to say this?

    -Supposedly Michael told him to keep his mouth shut and he's kept his mouth shut for 7 years? Bull crap! If this was real, Wade would have told when Michael was ALIVE and wouldn't have cared less than to expose Michael.

    This sis full of bs. Wade just wants money and quite frankly he's a ***** *** *****.

  • Hannah
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    7 years ago

    I just think Wade is out to get money just like Evan Chandler was..

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    How do you know he wasn't lying then and telling the truth now?

    There's a corroborating witness, after all.

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