Can someone tell me where to find specific laws on failing school in Mo?

Our son failed a grade and the school he attends is pushing him to the next grade against our wishes. Our library doesn't have any thing for us to look through and find these laws and I am having a hard time finding anything specific on the internet. Any advice on where to look? Mom needs a lil help-

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    7 years ago
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    There aren't laws about these things. Different school systems have policies. In my school district, children in primary school aren't "left back". The reason for that is that research shows that they are unlikely to stay in school and graduate. It's generally better if they get support services to bring them up to grade level and stay with students their own age. Also, the schools don't want older kids in the classes because they tend to bully the younger ones. Or they get teased so much by their friends that they hate school even more.

    Listen to the school administrators. But ask what they're going to do to help your son succeed next year.

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