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So confused about everything..?

So my fiance and i have been together for a wile and i have a little boy (from my first marriage). But recently i have been feeling like i shouldnt be with him. It seems like hes always angry with either me or my son wich causes a lot of tention between me and everyone else. And on top of things im 24 weeks pregnant and its like he doesnt understand hes causeing me a lot of stress always being a jerk or yelling at my son. I just feel like packing all my sh!t and leaving. Like i just dont like how he acts towards my 2 yr old son. Its riduclous. I rather be single raising 2 kids on my own. And i have talked to him multipul times about his aditude but he just gets mad at me and says sh!t as if im a bad mother and not being strict on him. Which i ahouldnt cause my son is an angel (except at a grocery store). Im just at my wits end of crying about it every night. I love him i really do. But damn something has got to give. Advice???

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    If your kid misbehaves at the grocery store, he lacks boundaries. If he gets what he wants but shouldn't have, when he cries, he will learn to misbehave. (I know, I used to be a kid like that. In hindsight I wished, someone had been more firm with the no, stuck to it. Would have made a lot of other things easier later on.)

    Your man may be a real jerk, I can't say, but it might also be that he is just starting to care. The fact that you are engaged and have a kid underway, may just have triggered feelings in him that have caused him to take responsibility (guided or misguided as may be).

    If you listen to him a bit instead of fighting him, he may back down a bit and turn out to be a nice guy, and you might all 4 of you benefit :)

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