How many Muslims believe in illuminati?

There are always questions asked here regarding dajjal and people falsely link it to illuminati.

Instead of focusing on prophecies provided in hadiths or Quran, they will naively believe some amateur movie which present little facts and is largely based on conspiracy theories...

Why do so many Muslims believe in this myth called illuminati


Sid - believing in illuminati is Shirk itself because it is a non-existence entity and people like you give it way to much credit. That also means you believe in its false prophecy and claims. "illuminati" is never mentioned in any scripture, we would've been warned of such a powerful entity. You ignore the Quran but believe in a mythical organization, Astaghfirullah Azeem

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  • Bengal
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    7 years ago
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    Can you disprove the illuminati?

    You can call it a myth but the overwhelming evidence tramples you to show they are not myths.

    Deep down you know illuminati are as real as they can get so stop trying to discredit the truth by ranting and calling other amateurs, you cannot conceal what is obvious with name calling, but you can with evidence.

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    7 years ago

    Oh my God, you are still stuck to movies showing illuminaties?????? you are way behind most of us. Illuminati is not mythical. It exists. In fact, few years ago, on youtube, there was a video of CEO who was promoting freemasonry. he did mention that illuminati meant coming close to the truth of the freemasonry religion. not many can go to that length.

    it seems that you got your info on illuminati being non existent from wiki. that page is hijacked. just check the talk section.

    Believing in Illumanti does not mean we are worshipping it. we are simply staying aware of all the haram things it introduced to the world so we can avoid them.

    i will be an idiot if i say it does not exist. i see freemason temples in my area. i hear about the ritual sacrifices they do in my state. i see the apartment complex made for grandmasters right in front of my city. i see the one eye symbol in my dollar note. i see how they are destroying american family system and how this is creating kids with no moral values. by the way, illuminati is not some kind of jinn like creature. its a group of people who do stuff for satan and are awaiting for the false messiah. yeah, it all sounds weird. but it all can be done through kundalini.

  • 7 years ago

    Muslims are too smart to put credence in the illuminati nonsense.

  • 7 years ago

    Muslims these days believe in all kind of unsupported rubbish.... they revel in ignorance.... illuminati is a story made up by idiotic christians

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