Why is my crush avoiding me? Should I confront him?

2 weeks ago he had asked me out but I couldn't go out with him at the time because I had already made plans. So we decided to reschedule to hang out last week but then last minute he had plans and cancelled on me also. From that on, it seem like he been avoiding me at work. Won't even text or look at me?

Normally, we would stop and talk for a bit. But seem like lately he not interested in talking to me.

We have not got the chance to go out on a date and he is already avoiding me

Question: Should I confront him or leave him alone?

1 Answer

  • 7 years ago

    Confront him neutrally and briefly. Don't seem to upset or angry so he won't be drawn further away. Just let him know how you feel and let that be that.

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