I know it sounds crazy but, do I like him?

I met this guy who's a year older and he's in my math class. We have a lot in common, and after math class we walk together to our next class (but I think it's because we're going the same way). He's really cute but I don't know if I like him. The reason I'm unsure is because he's like the only guy I can act extremely weird in front of and he won't care. I usually don't act that crazy with ANY guy, even close guy friends. Me being extremely weird is me being myself, and he's the only guy I can do that in front of. It's weird, I don't know why he's the only guy, but does that mean I like him?

Also, last night AND the night before he was in my dreams, but they were stupid and had nothing to do with love. I told my friend about these dreams not thinking anything of it, and she said "you're either thinking about him all the time or you really like him". I'm just not sure, and I've never been unsure about liking someone. It's either yes or no way. What do you think? Any advice? Also I'm not sure if he likes me, and if he did maybe I would like him for sure. But I can't tell, and if I asked or someone else asked things could get awkward.

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    I went through this a few weeks ago... It was also from a guy in my math class coincidentally. I ended up deciding that if I had to question myself on weather I liked him, then I probably didn't that much. And sure enough, it was true: I just like him as a friend. But the situation could be different for you. For example, I didn't feel like I could be completely myself with him, but you do. So, I do believe it is a possibility!! Just be around him more and you'll know, trust me :)

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