how do you port foward on a minecraft server so other people can play on it with you?

i have looked everywhere but for some reason i keep setting up a lan ip which dont work any help is appreciated

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  • 7 years ago
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    I have the same problem but I found a solution. It is better if you watch it on youtube as its better seeing it visually. But anyways, you need to open the program CMD. click the start button if ur using Win 7 or 8 or using XP click run and type in CMD.exe or simply cmd. Don't get afraid when its open, its harmless what u are going to do. in it type in "ipconfig" (without quotes) and you need to scroll down and find your IPv4 address. It would probably start as (depending where you're living) 192.168.1... you need to remember this. Once you got this, go on google or wherever and type in whats my ip. Again, depending where u live, it varies. It should start with a 6 or something like that. You want to now copy it and paste it in your URL bar (where it says or whatever). You will probably be asked to enter your username or password. Your username is admin, and your password is probably password or whatever the password was when your going to connect to your home's network. I'm not sure what your brand is, but it is probably cisco or linksys. In that, you click applications and gaming or something similar to that. Then you must click "port range forwarding" or something like that. enter whatever name for the title (optional) and enter THE PORT YOU ARE USING FOR YOUR MINECRAFT SERVER. If you didn't touch or mess up your server files, then you enter the beginning range 25565 and the end range 25565 also. If you made the server with another port (I'm pretty sure u did not) u would have to enter it (example: lets say you chose 100 as ur port, then ur beginning would be 100 and end 100.) remember the IPv4 address? (the ip starting with 196.168.1 from your black box thingy?) Well you have to enter that where it says it. THE PROTOCOL BOX MUST SAY BOTH, NOT UDP ONLY OR TCP ONLY. FINALLY, you must click enable (Duh) and CLICK SAVE CHANGES. Now open your minecraft server AND YOU'RE READY FOR BUSINESS! SO EASY HUH? Oh please enter your server ip (WHICH IS THE ONE THAT STARTED WITH 6 THAT CAME FROM GOOGLE) and I can join :D My name is Survivorofgod and you can thank me later :P

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  • 7 years ago

    I am wondering that too. My friend gave me a website, but I haven't looked at it yet. Hope it helps! Btw I'm EnderWolf73 in Minecraft. MSG me if you see me on a server!

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