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My 3 yr old male cat makes a distressed howling sound & drags dish towels around the house.?

He was fixed at 6 mths old and is now over 3. I also have another inside cat that is female and she was spayed at the same time that he was neutered. She is 3 1/2 years old. They play together and seem to truly "love" one another, so I don't think he is lonely. However, this howling noise he makes sounds so pathetic and distressed. Everything I read says he is "being maternal", referring to carrying the dish towel. And other research says the howling is only that of a cat searching for a female, but he was neutered at such a young age, so I don't think that is the case. Any other ideas? These are the first two "real" cats that I have had.

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    It's just something he likes to do. My male cat liked to howl at times, but only if he was in a room without carpet, like the bathroom or kitchen. We think he liked the sounds he made. I was on the phone with the vet about one of my other cats and he started this. The vet thought this was my sick cat and wanted him rushed in, that's how pathetic and horrible it sounded. Sometimes, when he walked out of the area he was howling in, he would look so smug and satisfied, so it appeared to be something he truly enjoyed. His daughter liked to walk around the house at night with a toy dolphin in her mouth and make little kitten noises.

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    the bear is one among those better half. the howling is quite a decision. this is sporting the bear around as though the bear grow to be a kitten. The cat has a fixation. that is not any longer lonelyness yet quite basically a chum element. The cat, in essence, has a puppy that supplies unquestioning love, companionship, loyalty, faithfullness and on no account lies approximately the place it grow to be till 04:00 the day earlier to this morning. Cats, you're able to understand by now - perform a little unusual issues. this is basically one among them. Mine chases little paper ball, like a canines enjoying fetch.

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    I have 5 indoor cats from 1 to 18 & they all carry toys around & make strange noises. My one 18 year old male carries a long snake like toy around & makes the strangest noises that I do not hear come out of any of the others cats. I don't know why he sounds so much different from the others but he does.

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    sounds like he has a hairball that he can't get out, my cats do it all the time. if it is a hairball you could either wait and see if he eventually spits it up or bring him to the vet but I never heard of him dragging a dish towel around the house before maybe he is just looking for something to do or has a weird attachment to dish towels but I don't think they are linked, hope this helped.

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