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My mom is 72 years old she has diabetes congestive heart failure her ekg came back with fluid and heart enlarg?

But her doctor suggested dialysis to move the fluid but she urinated fine with no problem what do you think

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    Probably a combination of heart failure and heavily damaged kidneys. Even if you produce urine, if the output isn't sufficient you have a backlog of fluid and/or waste products in the blood, which can in itself cause/exacerbate CHF.

    Mom REALLY needs to get her dietary management in order. This can help remarkably with control of the diseases or alternatively drive them out of control. It is particularly onerous if she were to start hemodialysis, so sooner > later.

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    Best bet would be to discuss this with her doctor. If hemodialysis is warranted, it means that she has a lot of health problems. This does remove the extra fluid she has. Evidently medicines were used and not effective. She had a lot of serious things going on right now. I think she has some kidney issues too. Urination volume is not the same as kidney disease. When you cannot concentrate your urine, you have a LOT of urine. So I think she has this health problem too. Her doctor is trying everything to get this extra fluid off. "Her body is doing everything it can to save her body's fluid." Not a healthy path for her.

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    Generally dialysis is used on RENAL patients and I see no mention of the status of her kidneys. Did the doctors mention this area? Usually Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) is treated with a diuretic or "water pill". But an FYI, lots of patients on dialysis still urinate, so that does not necessarily mean anything. Can you give a little more info please?

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    Permanent dialysis?

    My friends Mum is in her late 70's and she takes water pills each day. Have they discussed that first?

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