What is wrong with my PS2?

I've had a silver PS2 slim for about 5 years now, and last week it started making this grinding noise, so, after going through forums, the best solution was to clean out the system entirely, so after cleaning it out the laser unit (the source of the issue), i noticed the arm being guided by the copper worm gear wasn't tight enough, so I tighten it. After reassembling the system, I pop in a game and test it, at first it runs fine, then the grinding noise comes back, louder, so I open the system again.

This time, I loosen the arm, problem persists. Next, I go the forums again, they say to bend the arm slightly to get a better grip on the gear. This time, the noise is gone but the frame rate on the game is terrible, not even one frame per second. Please, what is happening, how many Technomancers do i need to conjure!?

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  • 8 years ago
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    You shouldn't tamper with such delicate parts,cleaning it out was good enough,I use to tamper and some days I still do,but I learned my lesson,when it comes to small components I leave it alone,lose wires I can fix,but playing around the laser is like swinging a sharp pointed knife close to your eye,it's best to send it to someone who can fix it properly,then when he makes a mess you can blame him,so now you only have yourself to blame,doesn't that make more sense.

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