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I have two burning questions about a website!?

I have two questions about the garfield website. There is a section were you can email Garfield. My first question is who looks and responds to those emails? I presumed it was Jim Davis, Garfield's creator. My second question is how long does it take them to respond to you after emailing?


I suppose your right I was just nervous because I asked a serious question on the site and when I was asking about it on this site I didn't get any answers so I asked it again with different title.

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    Those are burning questions? Assuming you're not joking, you'd have better luck asking the admins/support for the website itself. Nobody here is going to know anything about that.

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    I would assume it is office staff, and that they would respond within a week or so. However, years ago I wrote a letter to Garfield magazine and in fact I got a letter back from Jim Davis. I wasn't expecting that, actually I wasn't expecting a letter at all. It was nice to get a letter from him, it meant a lot to me.

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