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Help me with the Youtube playlist problem?

I made a playlist the other day and everything was fine, when I press play all it automatically play them all and repeat.

But when I clicked play all today it stopped at the first video and won't go on to the next. I clicked autoplay button next to the video, while it did work and moved on the the next video, but when the next video ends it stops auto playing again.

Is there anyway to fix this problem? And make all the videos play automatically?

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    The autoplay button doesn't seem to be pressed yet. If you did press it and it didn't work, then it's probably a bug. Google has been having problems lately. I've been experiencing too many ads on YouTube. On Google, the ads are also going crazy. The first result gets blocked after a second of being on the page by an ad. I don't usually use ad blockers because they destroy small websites, but I had to find a solution.

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