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Why am i not good enough for anyone?

I admit, I'm not the prettiest girl on Earth, but I'm also not the ugliest. I love having fun and being in the moment. But every guy that ends up "liking" me is either playing me or changing their mind. I'm not overbearing and I don't need to talk to a guy 24/7. so yeah :/ why am I not good enough?

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    you're plenty good enough- possibly even too good. My older brother had a girlfriend that could be described exactly how you described yourself, and he almost broke up with her because he got scared that she'd realize she was too good for him and leave. my dad intervened and helped him realize that its ok to have something good and now my brother and said girlfriend have been pretty happily married for about three years.

    now it may help you to recognize that guys like girls with some edge- that doesn't mean you have to be a "bad girl," but recognize that guys invented swords and axes for a reason. we just like things that we feel could hurt us the first time we grab them- and then when they don't hurt us we feel like we're getting away with something. its a psychology thing. so if you want to spark a guys interest do so by seeming slightly dangerous- take up four wheeling, don't always call him back, but when you do make sure he knows he doesn't have to worry. take a little control, but give a little too. don't be scared to be a cowgirl one day and show some punk rock the next, and generally remember that as guys age we do mature (usually), so don't be scared to date someone two or three years older if he has a genteel temperament. (I don't know how old you are, but I never had a girlfriend until after I graduated high school, and the two i've had since are both still good friends (we diddn't have bad breakups, just personal differences. now I'm always on the move with church stuff and haven't managed to find a good girl for me yet.

    Bless you, and i hope that you realize that you're a perfect package from what i can tell, but you just need to give it some more time.

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    Belay that nattering tripe! It's not you, it's them. You are good enough for all of them, it is they who are not good enough for you, Hannah! You want certain things and will not settle for less... The guys who string you along are looking for a good time and not ready for something more substantial. I know this is frustrating for you but stick to your guns and keep being you. Someone who respects what you have to offer is out there. Don't quit... Be patient and let time take itself...

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