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What Is Wrong With Me ? Cheated but i love my new Lady?

I have a new girlfriend. My ex dumped me over 20 times during our 8 months together (bipolar) She dumped me and there was no contact for a few weeks so i thought she was serious. I started dating an ex of 8 years ago. We have always been friends and she is good to me. Everything was going great until i got a text from my ex. She wanted to have sex so badly saying how much she missed I used Climax inside of her (it really turned me on) I tried to stay away because i'm tired of getting dumped but i went to her house and had sex unprotected. I was so drunk i don't even remember if i pulled out or not. My ex gets on my NERVES my new lady is a sweetheart. Why did i make this stupid choice. How can i love a woman who is HOT and COLD...Help

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    Just live the single life dude. Honestly it's not that scary. You just need time to heal.

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    You have to admit that possibly you have some issues as well, as you endured this on/off - hot/cold relationship for 8 months. That's a breakup almost every three days. What kind of person would stay in something like that ?

    google "codependency". You are obviously codependent and she is too. That means that you both are not really happy with each other, but you are emotionally dependent on that person being there because you both fear being alone. This is very common, although some people are worse than othres. Once you learn why you are that way, then you can understand it and take steps to change. Surely you've noticed unhealthy behavioral patterns before... this is very unhealthy for you.

    Actually, you shouldn't see anyone until such time as you completely heal from your ex, because you are emotionally unavailable to her, you think you love your ex. That isn't fair to your new friend, and you will end up hurting her. She has the right to a real relationship, one that is healthy and moving forward. You can't offer her that right now, because you, yourself are confused at your own life and your own behavior.

    Heal from your ex, and learn about codependency. You can completely change your life and live much happier than ever before.

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    either you really love her, or you are addicted to an unhealthy thing. if you want to keep your new sweet lady, you are going to have to take some actions to keep it in your pants. you are also going to have to tell your new lady what you did. if she wants to stay with you, great... if not... well... i would take some time and still try to stay away from bipolar girl so that if you have a chance with another sweet lady, the ex is totally behind you.

    maybe you should take a break from the new one while you figure it out.

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    7 years ago

    You did this because of your age and emotions fault.You must love the women from your heart.

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