TO GUYS: Why won't he talk to me anymore?

Me and him met when we were in 4th grade (9 years old). Like any normal children, we hated each other but as the year went by from our bickering and insults we started to get along. I only saw him as a friend then, but without me expecting it he asked me out twice on the last day of school. I said no because I didn't like him and I was moving to a different school. I learned from one of his friends that he has liked me since the beginning of the year, so he never really hated me..

I didn't see him for Grade 5 for I went to a different school. But I came iback in 6th grade and I saw him in hallways and a few classes. That's when I started to develop feelings for him. But throughout 6th grade we never said a word to each other. And I noticed that his friends would encourage him to talk to me... but he never did anything. I didn't talk to him because I expected him to make his move on me first. And throughout 7th and 8th grade same situation went on.. we both liked each other but we never did anything. I do know he liked me for I overhear his conversations with his friends.

We're in 9th grade right now, and the whole "situation" started to fade away. I guess we never really saw each other.. I learned he liked another girl but he got upset only to learn that she liked another guy.. but after awhile I started liking him again.. so I had one of my friends tell him I wanted to talk to him but he said to my friend he didn't know me...

So I decided to tell one of his close girl best friend my situation with him throughout 4th grade to now.. I only told her because I knew that she was one of his closest friends and that she knew that he liked me. But when I told her she was trying to hold back the tears and told me to find someone better... But she doesn't know that I KNEW he liked me back, I pretended that I didn't know.

Little did I know, she actually told him and he reacted negatively but she encouraged him to talk to me. According to what I hear in hallways, he has never gotten over me. To the point where he became frustrated that he even hated himself for liking me.

So what do you think I should do?

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  • 7 years ago
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    The reason you haven't got an answer in 3 days is because you are asking the wong people!

    Guys don't care one bit why another guy is not talking to a girl cause they are too hung up on

    why they aren't talking to the girl they like! Guys don't get on here and give you advice on your

    love life, you need to talk to the sisterhood for that. I could tell you but since I'm not a guy I guess

    you wouldn't listen!

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  • 4 years ago

    Your undertaking ought to stem from in simple terms offering too a lot guidance too quickly. If those are your buddies, view them as such and shop on with despite events or social events that deliver you jointly. If somebody desires to appreciate your sexuality, or it is going to become an argument, evaluate letting her or him deliver it up. in case you stress this very own guidance upon them, you may alienate females and boys who're undecided of their very very own sexuality...regardless of each and every thing, the only lady you somewhat understand is a lesbian is the guy who is going to mattress with you. and that i doubt in case you will lose truthfully everyone on your existence. Being gay or lesbian does try the bounds of a few kinds of friendships. buddies who shun you for in simple terms being you're somewhat no longer your buddies, are they?

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