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how to get over a crush?

i have no chanc with her and i think she like him. he always playing with him like they hit each other not hard but like in playful way.and annoys her she always geting angry bujt i know she like. when ever i see her i fall in love mood can only look at her. i can only think of her and not other girls. how do i get rid of this felling of her i dont want to hart the other guy. the nice guy do always finish last

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    ..yes, nice guys finish last; that's a fact.

    the best way to get over a crush is to get back on track and try to date someone else to get your mind over the previous person and move on; honestly that is the best way.

    that is also why you should always keep a list of the top 3 girls you'd like to date and always keep good relations with them in case you break up with someone ( or they r busy with someone else ) and need to get over them by dating someone else asap.

    cheers and good luck.

    Source(s): 20+ yrs of dating... ;)
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