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Advise on my relationship? Tips on how to make a decision? Help?

I'm 22 and hes 24. We have been together for two years and there has been a lot of ups and down... He has broken up with me many times and because of this I haven't been feeling comfortable letting him meet my mom...

He wants to "move forward" with me. He claims he wants to marry me and I'm not ready because I want to finish my degree.... And I wanted to be financially independent.

He wants to help me gain my independence and he wants me to marry/live with him. He thinks that moving forward together will make things better and help us forget about the break ups and the past..

Because I wont move forward he is "stepping back" from the relationship so he wont get hurt....

He told me in March that he wants us to move forward and that then he basically proposed to me and that he feels stupid... ( he never did ask me will I marry him, so I don't understand).

I got on the pill for him 6 months after we have dated and now he want's to stop having sex so he can start living right under God's eyes... I believe in God too but I feel dumb for getting on the pill for him just to tell me he doesn't want to do it...

I just feel hurt... I know the sex before marriage thing isn't what should be done from our religious background... but we have done it it doesn't just take what we have done away...

What do I do.. This whole situation is just making me unhappy?

He thinks space is what I need to be happier... ?

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    Getting married to fix a broken relationship doesn't work. The issues that caused you to break up don't just magically disappear when you change the title of your relationship. If he's broken up with you multiple times before, he'll do it again, regardless of what he says or believes in the moment. I would move on and find a guy who doesn't have a history of breaking your heart.

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