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Sophia or Bethany for our daughter?

The siblings are as follows:

Gabriel Robert Leon "Gabe"

Joanna Grace "Jo"

Jude Matthew "Jude"

Emilia Layne "Emmy"

Me and my husband both love names that when you only say the first syllable, they sound right. We both feel it makes it easier in every day life. All of our kids currently are like that, as well. (f.e. Em, Gabe, Jo, etc.). It is just the way we like it. We are preparing for our new daughter to be arriving in the next couple weeks. We have decided on either Bethany or Sophia. We love Sophia, but feel that saying "Soph" in the moments we need to shorten it would sound weird. Bethany we aren't as fond of, but love that "Beth" is very natural to say, and is a name in itself. Opinions? Which one do you like best?

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    I love the name Bethany. It is beautiful, and I do not hear of it as often as Sophia. It seems to fit with the names of your other children, IMO. You can call her not only Beth, but maybe Ni-ni? :)

    If you really like Sophia better, maybe you can sometimes shorten it to Phia (fee ah) instead of Soph?

    Congrats on your baby!

  • Leah
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    I would go with Sophia! I love the name. I don't find Bethany as pretty and it is a little too common.

    I had a friend called Sophie and people would call her Soph and I think it sounds cute.

    I don't think you should choose your child's name based on the nickname you prefer. If you really like Beth, maybe you could find another name you like for which the nickname Beth works. Or just call her Beth :)

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  • Angel
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    I love both of those names deeply!!

    I would go for Bethany though, Sophia is very popular right now and Bethany is not and if those were my two name choices I would go for Bethany!!! :)

    but, Bethany Sophia does sound good together!

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    They're both nice, pretty names, but I'd pick Sophia even though Bethany is less popular. Sophia just feels more elegant, regal, and timeless...Bethany has more of a soft, cute, little-girlish feel to me.

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    Go with Bethany, call her Beth if you want. Bethany is a GORGEOUS name, and Sophia is SO overused it's not even pretty anymore. Bethany Sophia would be pretty:)

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    Sophia is cute with the abbreviation Fifi, or Sofi.

    Bethany is cute too. It works with Beth, or Ann

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    I love the name sophia

  • Sam
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    7 years ago

    I like Sophia better

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