Ex Girlfriend coming with police to get her stuff tomorrow?

My ex girlfriend and I broke up.

I told the cops i want her stuff out. They told me to have her call once everything is out .They said after her stuff is gone if she comes back on the property she will be arrested for criminal trespassing.

Most of the stuff in the house we bought together.

They told me if I don't want her to take it, she will have to take me to small claims court.

So if she comes here and demands, the fishtank, or the computer or something, she cannot take it.

Anyways, she is going to want the dog. I talked to her and asked her if i can keep him for a while, she said we'll have to write up and agreement or tell the cops i will give the dog to her a later date.

What is an idea for keeping my dog?

I'm not going to let her take him, and I'm not telling the police or signing anything saying she can have him a later date. She is in a very unstable, drug related environment and I'm not allowing my dog there.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago
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    How in the hell, did you get mixed up in something like this. Cops, Agreements, Property Disputes. Don't play house when you're not married.

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