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How do I ask my favorite teacher to take a picture with her?

I'm a junior and have never taken a picture with my teachers before and I want my favorite teacher to be the first (and only) but I don't know how to ask her. Our last day is 5/30 and I have her last hour. I'm one of the quiet kids in class but whenever it'd be me and her we would talk nonstop about Doctor Who (both our favorite TV show) so I do talk to her. How do I ask to take a picture with her? BTW I'm cosplaying as Rose Tyler the last day of school (if you don't know Rose Tyler she was a companion to the Doctor)

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    Just straight out say "Can I get a picture with you?" I'm kinda scared to ask my (former) favorite teacher who I go to visit if she will take a picture with me because I worry if she going to think that's weird or something. But your teacher will know you just want one because school is almost over and you won't get to see her all summer.

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