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Read carefully, why does my friend think I am so judgmental?

By nature, I am introverted. My friend is extroverted. I do not care when she tries to make me act more outgoing or introduces me to more people. Sometimes I think she acts as if she needs to fix me which is annoying. She pushes me to do things that are more social that I normally would not do. I have learned to be less shy. I just hate how she acts like there is something wrong with being shy or more quiet. When I tell her she needs to calm or not go someplace, she flips out and acts as if I am controlling her life. She always tries to get me to dress more "revealing or "sexy" I do not mind. She teases me saying I dress like a nun or a prude. Once I commented on her shorts being too short, she flipped out saying I have no right to tell her what to wear and what not to wear. She says I am stuck-up judgmental. She tries to get my to wear makeup, once I told her I thought her makeup was trashy she became upset.


Same way she is annoyed when I comment on her style of dressing and her choice of makeup is the way I feel all the time. I do not mind trying to be more social, how come I can not show her how to calm down a bit and be less loud and domineering.

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    I think her intentions are good, but she's going about it the wrong way with you. Just let her know that you appreciate her intentions, but intend to keep your own unique style.

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