So i'm fairly certain my GF is on her period, and i somehow made her mad, what do i do now?

Need a quick answer on this one

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  • 7 years ago
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    the taboo topic... when a girl is on her period.

    some girls get PMS really bad some dont at all.

    in my experience as someone who is an emotional wreck for a couple of days a month. dont take anything to seriously that she says. you will notice if she is mad it is likely over things that would not normally strike up such emotion. whatever you do dont say to her, "ur just pmsing so calm down" this will only upset her more. if you need to just take some space for a few days she will calm down.

    if you want to get back in the good books, buy her chocolate, which will help release endorphins, make her happier and ease the cramps,

    hope this helps!!

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    7 years ago


    You have your answer.

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