How to win a GMO debate?

my group has to win a debate with another. our science teacher assigned my group for why gmo is bad. and the other group has why gmo is good. so i need reasons that lasts at least 8 minutes. we need to debate like at least 8 minutes. thanks and please hurry because the debate is tomorrow.

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    8 years ago
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    Alright, the big thing we are concerned about is gene patents in food. There is a lot of ideas regarding gene patents. Basically, if you buy GM seeds, you can't save your own seed to replant it, that is a violation of the license agreement. Further, if pollen from the nearby field or seed from the passing truck blows into your field, you can be held liable for patent infringement, be sued, and possibly have your crop confiscated.

    Beyond that, one of the concerns is with "Round-Up Ready" crops. Basically, Monsanto sells an herbicide that kills any "weeds" that don't have their specific genetic manipulation. It's great if you grow Round-Up Ready crops. But if you don't, and your neighbor does, and his herbicide gets on your crops or in your water supply through runoff or spraying, it will kill your crops. You have to buy Round-Up Ready seeds in order to prevent your crops from dying.

    In fact, Monsanto provides tons of herbicide to the War on Drugs for the purpose of spraying of drug crops. And then the herbicide washes into the water supply or hits nearby fields, and the local farmers' non-drug crops all die, so they have to buy Round-Up Ready seeds.

    And you have to buy new seeds each season, it's illegal to save your Round-Up Ready seeds. At time when food prices are rising and many people are claiming that we are experiencing world-wide food shortages, companies are inflating the prices of basic crops by requiring the purchase of overpriced seeds each season.

    For many of us, it's not the dangers of GMOs that we have a problem with. It's the economics and what amounts to extortion of farmers. Moreover, wiping out biodiversity in foreign crops with subsidized imports, whether GMOs or not, is a massive problem by itself.

    Hope you win:)

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    Key reasons why GMO is bad.

    1. The diversity in genetics is reduced and this makes our crops more susceptible to diseases. There is a long history of famines because of lack of diversity of crop. The Irish potato famine wouldoof been prevented if there had been more diversity in the types of potatoes. Some potato types are more resistant to fungal attack.

    2. Like the other person said, We get a mix of genetically modified seeds mixing with other seeds and we do not really know what is going to happen.

    3. You can't undo it once you let it go. Its not like you can rewind the process. This is our food not like a manufactured good that you can recall if its faulty.

    4. The GMO crops seem to be designed so that they farmers are dependent on the supplier and original manufacturer and they do not have the farmers best interest. They only have the profit motive and at any time they can change there mind and decide not to supply it.


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    Why GMO is bad:

    1) Gene pool contamination, where GM crops cross breed with wild types, causing impure genes in the wild types.

    2) GM seeds are patented and expensive.

    3) Not all GM crops have lived up to the hype despite success in trials. GM cotton in India produced short fibres unlike the desired long fibres from non-GM and local cotton. GM cotton there was also found not to be resistant to cotton borers. GM soybean in Argentina did not reduce pesticide use; instead pesticide use there have increased.

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    8 years ago

    Reduces biodiversity, unforeseen consequences in health, talk about how the EU is scared of GMOs, etc.

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