tips for a begginning driver?

hi guys, im turning 15 in 18 days, getting my permit in 19, (birthday lands on a sunday and dmv is closed) i have driven before, on a real road, but just about "laid a peice of secretion in my trousers". are there any tips to stay calm when driving ( 30mph+) or any general driving tips will be greatly appreciated! thanks in advance (idk if it matter but i live in florida) (and yes i can get my permit at 15)


its not that im scared of making turns, im competent in that, its that speed scares me...

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  • 7 years ago
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    You really want to start off in a parking lot (empty of course) making figure eights and stopping and starting. Once that is mastered then try making turns in the parking lot using your turn signals. Just take it slow and easy. You might want to find an instructor to help you out so you are not so scared.

  • 7 years ago

    Whenever i'm nervous for a real long drive i pop a couple of dem addys then drown dem suckers with some good ol boy whiskey. Ya see what that'll do is it will keep you real focused while at da same time the booze will mellow you out all real nice and stuff. That's a perfect solution plus it'll put some hair on your little boy chest. I should write a book.

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