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Both (divorced) parents want to go to The Great Gatsby on the same day, how do I handle this?

Mother's Day is on Sunday. As it happens, so is my dad's birthday.

I was going to spend the morning with my mom (take her to brunch and on a hike, etc.) and then play tennis and go to dinner with my dad in the evening.

However, it's apparently going to be raining on Sunday, so there goes the hike and the tennis... and in a weird twist of fate, BOTH of my parents separately suggested going to see The Great Gatsby, since it comes out on Friday.

The issue here is that my parents are divorced, and they REALLY don't like each other. It's pretty much a mutual hatred between them. So I can't take them to the movie at the same time.

Would it be weird to go to the movie in the morning with my mom, and then see the SAME movie in the evening with my dad? They are both extremely stoked about seeing the movie, so there isn't really a way I can convince either of them to do something else.

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    I once had a boyfriend go see a movie with his brother and then see the same one with me. I found out when he would laugh b4 the funny parts... LOL it was kinda cute of him to see the movie a second time just so I could see it.... see it twice. Its only a few hours but it would obviously mean so much to your parents. Maybe the movie will be so good you might enjoy seeing it a second time?

  • To help you, let me ask you this? What would be weirder, watching the movie twice in a day or bringing two of them together in the cinema?


    I think you should take the schedule of the cinema into consideration. I am not sure, though, about the schedule of showing in cinemas in your country. But here in the Philippines, the cinemas in the mallls opens at 12 noon. Depending on the length of the movie, a certain film can be shown for 4 to five times for the rest of the day. Cinemas usually close at 11PM to 12 Midnight.

    And think also about the schedule of your dad's party? Wouldn't he be celebrating his birthday with his family in the evening or even be drinking with a couple of friends and probably girlfriend? If so, then, will he be able to watch the movie with you and still catch his party?

    I hope that helps :)

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    Mothers day doesn't have to be celebrated specifically on the 2nd Sunday of May, it isn't written in stone. Celebrate with your mother Saturday or the following weekend, which would be cheaper and more availability at restaurants anyway and go to the movies with your Dad on his birthday which is only on one day a year.

    Your parents are adults; they can handle it ask your mother what she prefers Saturday or the following weekend.

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    I even have mum and dad that divorced whilst i became into 30 to boot. i think of you will discover that in case you in basic terms make your own plans they are going to be purely high quality. Do make the attempt to be certain each and every of them- on your own time. Their keeping apart and changing the holiday vibe and schedule became into THEIR decision. So, issues exchange. Your Mum desires to benefit this. As does your Dad. that's what I did and it worked out purely high quality. It became into extremely a alleviation to declare "i visit do X this 3 hundred and sixty 5 days. i will see you on Y or Z. How does that artwork for you?"

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    There are at least two showings a day, right? Take your mom first and then take your dad second--or whatever way you want to do it. Good luck!

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    So you will see the movie twice, Enjoy.

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    Ask them what they feel like doing, and if they are comfortable.;_ylt=AnU3Z...

    please answer this

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