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Is it bad/slutty if I made out with 2 different guys within the past 3 days?

Well the first guy I made out with was kind of pointless, I did it just because the opportunity presented itself and I knew there wouldn't be any attachments or expectations out of it. I have no intention of doing anything else with him again. However the second guy wouldn't be the first time I've made out with him, though it's been like 2 months since we last did. I was very hesitant in doing it again because I knew that he'd want a relationship or something between us if we did because he has feelings towards me. But to tell you the truth, I have feelings for him too; it seems like no matter how much I try to stay away from him and not start "talking" to him again, it ends up happening. However, I know for a fact that we could never truly be together for many other complicated reasons. I told have SEVERAL times that if wouldn't be fair to both of us, especially him because I can't truly be his nor promise anything between us, but he keeps on persisting until I finally give in! I know it seem like I have no will power, but I do. It's just all really complicated *sigh*

I guess I just want to know if this makes me a bad person and if I'm "whoring" around.

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    DEFINITELY NOT! you are not in a relationship, just have fun! as long as you don't have sex with 2 guys in the past 3 days!

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    What do you truly feel inside? Are you whoring around or are you not? You're a single person living life to the fullest not like your having sex with them as well..doesn't matter what others think..

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    yes, slutty. you do not want to settle for a relationship and it's not "complicated" you're just whoring around..

    it's simple: if you do not like someone do not make out with them unless you're ready for a relationship with that person. you sound like a real ***** for leading on those poor guys.

    im sorry this might sound rude, but you need to hear this.

  • 8 years ago

    OF COURSE NOT. Make out with the entire world, it shouldn't count as "whoring" around. You're fine.

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