Oldsmobile Alero Makes grinding noise when turning!?

So it started about 3 days ago, My Service engine light, Anti lock and Trac Off light all came on at once! And it makes a grinding noise when i turn at a certain speed to the right. I have a few ideas (roter, wheel bearing) but im not sure.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Traction control and ABS are most likely due to a speed sensor, which is housed with a wheel bearing. For GM (which was the maker of your car) is "famous" for having problems with speed sensors in their wheel bearings. Talk to anybody with a GM car older than 10 years and they have had that problem. The grinding noise could very well be the bearing, and the ABS and Trac light coming on because of a problem with the bearing would make sense. My only other guess would be possibly a CV axle. Put a code scanner on the car and it will tell you where the problem is, also what's throwing the SES (service engine soon) because from my experience, that usually doesn't come on with a ABS Trac problem. Good luck!

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    4 years ago

    Who Makes Oldsmobile Alero

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