Does he like me or is he leading me in?

So there is this guy who is actually my ex-boss. Met him 4 months ago and we got to know each other we talked all the time and went out to lunch a few times together. My boyfriend got mad so I stopped talking to him! Well the guy I was dating we broke up so my ex-boss and I started talking all the time by phone, texts, and we have met up for our daughters to play together! He is 32 and I'm 20 I have strong feeling for him I mean I always have a smile on my face when he is around. Yesterday he came to my house and watched tv with me after he got off work and then today on his lunch he came to my house an ate with me! He sometimes talks about another girl I'm confused I kind of think that he likes me but I'm unsure! He comes off a little shy at times but e isn't afraid to say dirty things to me either! When he sees me he hugs me tight and the same thing when he leaves! What do you all think does he like me, is he trying to get into my pants, or just having fun leading me on??

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  • 7 years ago
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    I know this may sound crazy & a bit controversial but.... have you tried asking him if he likes you. I know, I know, crazy right? He & I are around the same age. We don't play those silly relationship games we did when we were 16. Just be upfront & ask him if he "likes" you. He will answer you & he'll appreciate not having to play guessing games. Then you'll have your answer & you can go from there. Best to find out now than spend time chasing a guy that doesn't have those type of feelings for you. If he says yes, ask him out on a date. It's 2013, women can do that now. Best of luck to you!

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