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Occupy wall street help?

Im doing a project on nonviolent revolutions and need some help! I need: the date, leaders, causes, main events, and the outcome of the occupy wall street movement.



I dont have a choice on what i can do for my project it has to be occupy wall street. And it was nonviolent as in noone was killed. Please just answer!

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    Occupy movement is NOT peaceful. They beated the crap out of cops and people who opposed them. They literaly threw them to the ground and everyone took turns to kick them. They took Shyts on police cars, they obstructed freedom. A few women were raped. The TEA PARTY is peacefull

  • 7 years ago said nonviolent right? Were you aware there were rapes in the OWS camps?

    Source(s): Do your project on the TEA party, but attend them in'll see they leave the areas better than they found them.
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